General terms of the electronic payment service in the customer's account

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the electronic payment service(s) and these terms and conditions work in conjunction with the terms and conditions applicable to the account(s) that you access (to them) using this service, and these terms and conditions shall be considered in the event of inconsistency or conflict with Among them, they are subject to the provisions of Yemeni laws and the Yemeni judiciary.
  2. When the bank grants the customer the password and/or makes the service(s) available to the customer in the electronic payment services, the customer is fully and directly responsible for all the operations carried out by that service(s), and the customer acknowledges that all the operations that are or will be done using the number Confidential have authoritative official documents.
  3. The customer acknowledges knowing and knowing that the bank has made every possible effort to provide the maximum levels of security, protection and encryption available, which lead to protecting the executed operations contained within this service from the risks of any information leakage or misuse and that the customer acknowledged his knowledge of this effort, and that the bank is not Responsible for any damage caused to the customer as a result of the risks arising therefrom, and the customer bears all consequences arising from this service(s).
  4. The customer acknowledges that the bank is not responsible for any malfunction in the systems and the service/services or for any damage that may be caused to the account as a result of its non-compliance with the terms and conditions for using the service/services or as a result of its misuse of the systems, applications or service/services by him or by any other party .
  5. The Bank reserves the right to change, modify, add or cancel any conditions it has issued regarding the service(s) at any time without prior notice.
  6. The bank has the right to impose any fees or commissions on the service(s) provided to the customer, and accordingly the customer authorizes the bank to deduct these fees or commissions from his account at the beginning of each year, and in case the customer does not accept, the bank has the right to stop the service(s) immediately.
  7. The bank has the right to stop the service(s) at any time and for the period it determines after announcing the amendment in any of its branches, without the need to give justifications or reasons for the suspension process. The customer is not entitled to claim any compensation because of this procedure.
  8. The customer understands that the user name / mobile number and the password associated with the service / services, are means of identifying him and all banking operations that he performs through the electronic payment services of the bank and under his full responsibility, and the customer bears all responsibility for the operations that are passed by the user name Mobile number and password.
  9. The service(s) are temporarily suspended when the wrong user name and password is entered for ten consecutive attempts. The service is not reactivated until reviewing the bank.
  10. The Bank shall not bear any responsibility as a result of external accidents, natural disasters, or any events beyond the Bank's control that may lead to interruption of communications and service/services.
  11. Accounting entries and bank records are final and official evidence, and the customer has the right to object to them during a maximum period of fifteen days from the date of their occurrence and submitting support for the objection , unless his right to object is forfeited.
  12. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain the user name and password, and not to use electronic banking services through unsecured means of communication (such as public wireless Internet networks and Internet cafes) and electronic banking services are used only through means / devices connected to the Internet trusted by the customer as well as His mobile device with the password in the mobile banking service, and not disclosing the password or using it by others, and accordingly the bank does not bear any responsibility for any misuse use of these tools in case of non-compliance with the instructions.